Imatib 100mg


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Drug description

Imatib 100 mg is used for the treatment and prevention of growth of skin, intestinal and bone marrow and blood cancers.
Imatib impedes the replication of certain tumor cells. It can be used to for the treatment of blood cancer known as Ph+ CML and certain types of intestinal cancers.

How to use Imatib 100 mg?

Use the drug strictly according to the prescription. Avoid increasing the drug dose or frequency of use. Take the pill with about 200 ml of water. Imatinib must be taken during the meal
To make sure that Imatinib doesn’t have a negative effect on your body, you should do the regular blood tests and check your liver function. Avoid skipping any medical appointments
Keep the drug at room temperature away from moisture and direct sunrays.

Adverse effects

The most common adverse effects cause by the use of Imatib 100mg are: sickness, vomiting, loose bowels, dyspepsia (acid reflux), stomachache, tiredness, muscle pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, pain in the joints and bones, atopic dermatitis, anorexia, weight gain, sleeplessness, head pain, edema (liquid retention), swollen eyelids, weary eyes, subconjunctival haemorrhage (broken blood vessel in the eye), pink eye (redness and inflammation of the eye), dry eye syndrome, vision impairment, hot flushes, bleeding, dyspnea (shortness of breath), epistaxis (nasal bleeding), cold.


Don’t take Imatib 100 mg without the doctor’s approval if you’re pregnant, as it can harm a fetus. Use efficient contraceptives and inform your physician if you get pregnant while using Imatinib. Before starting the treatment, tell your physician if you have allergy to any drugs, or if you suffer from liver/renal dysfunction, congestive heart failure, stomach ulcer or hemorrhage and if you’re having chemotherapy.

The agent acts as a form of targeted therapy, directly affecting the oncogene itself. The drug does not give a quick effect. In this regard, patients take it indefinitely or until it stops working. So with time, resistance to Imatinib may develop. Resistance to the drug, possibly, is a consequence of changes in the genes of leukemia cells. Sometimes this resistance can be overcome by increasing the dose or by switching to a different drug.

Imatib 100 mg is one of the main drugs for the treatment of leukemia, therefore there are many reviews, mostly positive ones. Most patients indicate the effectiveness of the drug. Of the deficiencies, the presence of side effects (muscle spasms, vomiting, loss of hair, etc.) is called.


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