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Imatib 400 mg is widely used as a cytostatic. Its high effectiveness can be explained by the high content of its active substance Imatinib (400 mg). Imatinib is able to suppress enzymes (whose gene is located within the 22nd Philadelphia chromosome), responsible for the dissemination of chronic myeloleukosis. Veenat is also used for the treatment of metastatic gastrointestinal tumors in adults.
Imatib 400 mg is a relatively recent scientific development. The active substance of this drug (Imatinib) is widely used as a cytostatic. This component acts by blocking the enzymes that responsible for the rapid development of chronic myeloleukosis. This article gives an idea of the benefits of Imatib 400 mg for the treatment of blood cancer and the development of the disease, which helps the patients understand the mechanism of action of the medication described.

Indications for use:

Chronic myeloleukosis of any stage — slowly progressing development of malignant tumors in the blood-forming system. This disease is most commonly found in older persons.

Inoperable or metastatic malignant stromal tumors.
Speaking of the target action of Imatinib, we should probably explain the mechanism of development of such diseases as chronic myeloid leukemia.

Thus, the disease starts with the mutation of two chromosomes (22 and 9). One section is separated from each of them. Then these sections interchange, which leads to the formation of new mutated chromosomes. 22nd mutated chromosome is a main condition for the development of chronic myeloleukosis. It has received several names: “Philadelphia” and “abnormal gene BCR-ABL”.

Obviously, all these changes affect the functions of chromosome. However, the coding of enzymes plays the most important role in the development of CML (i.e. in future the abnormal enzyme of tyrosine kinase is synthesized instead of normal one with the emergence of mutated chromosome).
Useful properties of Veenat 400 Imatinib are defined by the mechanism of action of its active component, which can be summarized as follows:

Primary blocking of tyrosine kinase.

This in turn leads to the death of cells that contain mutated gene.

The synthesis of abnormal enzyme gradually decreases and often stops completely, which leads to the partial or complete destruction of leukocytes.

Imatib 400 mg has shown high performance under different conditions of diseases due to the target action.


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